May 21, 2012

EUro Hymn - "Yellow Submarine" Portugal

Our town Espinho is a seaside town. That's why our song talks about fishermen and 'varinas' (women that are selling fish in the streets). We also have good beaches with the Atlantic Ocean bathing the soft sand.

(free) EUrings made in Portugal

Take a look on how we made our EUrings, ringtones made of rope sounds.
Portuguese 8th graders brought ropes, boxes and even strings (in Portuguese 'cordas' means both 'ropes' and 'strings') and started to explored several sound possibilities. After recording the best sounds, they manipulated them on Audacity.

Choose your EUring NOW. It's free!

May 11, 2012

Bielszowice Mine Brass Orchestra

Bielszowice Mine Brass Orchestra visited our school today. We enjoyed listetnig to both pieces of classical music (like Radetzky March by J. Strauss) and popular melodies (ike My Way by Frank Sinatra) We really liked their concert. You can see they are wearing traditional miners' clothes. Some movies will be uploaded soon.