Oct 26, 2011

For Spanish and Portuguese friends:-)

Hello! Today Polish students were singing versions of 'Are you sleepong brother John?' for Spanish and Portuguese friends. Hope you are able to understand your mother tongues;-)

Oct 22, 2011

Czech school

Czech maraton in etwinning

Hello friends, I would like to write about our activity from the last week. We stayed at school the whole night and worked on the project. We also had to do some activities, such as to write about our partner countries. We also had to draw a bus, which would take us to our friends. You can have a look at our activities here.

It was almost at midnight. We celebrated etwinning.

Oct 18, 2011

Portuguese students singing "Frère Jacques"

Hello! Listen to Portuguese students singing "Frère Jacques" in several languages...

... in Portuguese!

... in English!

... in French!

... in German!

... and in ... SURPRISE! :)

Now it's your turn to surprise us!

Greetings from Polish team:-)


Polish students playing with ropes (some films)

Polish students playing with ropes

Yesterday we did some sports activities and of course we had a lot of fun:-) Here are some photos!

Oct 17, 2011

Polish group singing:-)

Today Polish students sang a popular song 'Are you sleeping brother John?" in Polish and French. Listen to these versions:-)

National Education Day Poland

14th October is celebrated as National Education Day (Teacher's Day) in Poland.
This year we prepared a concert wishlist. The pupils presentes their talents eg.:
- samba dance,
- playing keyboards
- playing the guitar

The teachers liked the performance very much. Here you can see it:

Oct 15, 2011

Greetings from Ruda Śląska

These are some postcards created by Polish students

Some autumn impressions from Ruda Śląska

This blog is a good place to share things related to each project partner. Have a look at some autumn photos taken by Polish eTwinners.